2NoNa was founded by the Dutch National, Cameroonian born, and World Citizen raised Majoes Mutebi-Holtus.

Inspired by her children, motherhood, family life and our great loving Mother Earth, it started growing roots in Los Angeles California as “Earthly Gifts” in 2013 and grew out later to be 2NoNa. 2 standing for the balance of two energies we all need, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

NoNa standing for the first two letters of each Earth Child I am blessed to raise, Nailah and Nolan. But also NoNa stands for a deeper meaning to the mission I have in spinning the wheel of life, and help you understand your blueprint and that of your children while helping you connect to your ancestors and their wisdom.

Majoes holds degrees in Occupational/Recreational Therapy, Pedagogy (specifically in early childhood care) and expanded her expertise in Flower Essence Therapy, Aroma Touch, Massage Techniques, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Yoni/Jade Egg Healing and the effects of generational trauma and traumatic patterns in our pre- and postnatal time, which we women, hold in our wombs. 

While living in Los Angeles California Majoes discovered the importance of community support for families which endured traumatic births and loss of their baby('s), especially for and amongst mothers. Loving Sisterhood and understanding the change of becoming a mother also after trauma and finding balance after traumatic experiences is highly important!

Many mothers struggle with depression, anxiety, grief, exhaustion, hormone imbalances, breastfeeding, physical and emotional pain, bonding with your child, mood swings, high expectations, responsibility, guilt, body changes and more. Not being understood, able to release the physical pain or talk about your feelings and the traumatic experiences will have negative effects on the whole family and can jeopardize strong family bonds. I believe in open communication and going deep to the core of the issue to release blockages or patterns.  2NoNa is a safe haven where all matters of the family and our female body can be discussed without judgement.

Majoes went through the same struggles of trauma and loss, so she made it her passion to support mothers in their journey of self-empowerment, healing, balance and wellness with natural healing tools.

"If you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

- Thich Nhat Hanh 


“The medical school of the future will not particularly interest itself in the ultimate results and products of disease, nor will it pay so much attention to actual physical lesions, or administer drugs and chemicals merely for the sake of palliating our symptoms, but knowing the TRUE cause of sickness and aware that the obvious physical results are merely secondary it will concentrate its efforts upon bringing about the harmony between body, mind and soul which results in the relief and care of disease”

“Amongst the types of remedies that will be used will be those obtained from the most beautiful plants and herbs to be found in the pharmacy of Nature, such as have been divinely enriched with healing powers for the mind and body of man”

- Edward Bach

"Our Mother Earth has many gifts to offer us, embrace and enjoy all their magic

and you will feel the healing process from within."

- Majoes Mutebi-Holtus

For Mom

I am offering this program as a series personal sessions specially created for moms who have experienced traumatic births or loss of their baby(‘s).

A traumatic experience like this has a huge impact on yourself, your child(ren), your partner and family life. YOUR experience is YOURS only, and YOUR journey towards healing and acceptance of yourself in motherhood. Are you ready for your personal journey?

The amount of sessions needed depend on your needs. Some sessions can be done virtual and some need to be done in person.

Custom Yoni Egg Session(After01-02-22)

A devoted custom online moment for you to get you started on your Yoni and Womb healing journey with this magical ancient healing tool of Mother Earth. The Yoni Egg.

First you may share your story, your pains, your trauma(s) or anything you feel that needs to be shared, released or where you feel stuck in your life force energy or what blocks you from living your life fully. Know you can share all of it! No shame, no taboos! I have a non-judgmental approach, so feel free to be completely open. With the information you share with me, and after some questions I will provide you with a custom plan only for YOU. 
After this session I will send you your custom package by mail or if you live close I will do pick up or drop off. This lovely package will include a Yoni Egg that fits your needs, a travel bag for your egg and string.

Flower Essence Consultation
Custom Session

Flower essences are extremely beneficial for all ages, they help release blockages and old patterns, particularly during developmental and emotional transitions. In this session we will discuss your current situation, blockages and where you wish to go in your healing journey. You will receive a personal blend, with a digital information sheet about the blend, coaching/support via WhatsApp, Phone call or Zoom. Also these sessions can be done over a digital meeting.

During this session we can implement all areas of my expertise.
First we will look at your healing goals and intentions, then we see where you feel you need to lift blockages. 

We can implement Reiki, Aroma Touch, Crystal Healing, Symphony of the Cells and /or Flower Essence Therapy.  We feel and choose what matches your needs at that moment the most. This session is dedicated to tap into your life force energy and take you to the next level of your goals. It's geared to you as a whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security, and well-being.



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