Sessions can be done in English, Dutch or both depending on the needs of the clients.

There is a 24hour cancellation policy and as mutual respect of each other’s time please be mindful of that.

Sessions can be customized towards the age and needs.

We are all different and so are our bodies.

After every session I will stay available during office hours by phone, WhatsApp and email for questions and concerns.

Video  sessions can be requested for the ones living far away and now during Corona times seeking support for Flower Essences Therapy, Essential Oils, Reiki and Personal Coaching during the For Mom sessions and Yoni Egg sessions. 

The sessions are of SUPPORT to all ailments and healing and self- empowerment processes and in no way a REPLACEMENT for medical treatments. Always notify your Medical and/or other Holistic Physician(s) about your sessions at 2NoNa.

Please do NOT STOP prescribed medications unless your physician tells you to do so!


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