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“The medical school of the future will not particularly interest itself in the ultimate results and products of disease, nor will it pay so much attention to actual physical lesions, or administer drugs and chemicals merely for the sake of palliating our symptoms, but knowing the TRUE cause of sickness and aware that the obvious physical results are merely secondary it will concentrate its efforts upon bringing about the harmony between body, mind and soul which results in the relief and care of disease”

“Amongst the types of remedies that will be used will be those obtained from the most beautiful plants and herbs to be found in the pharmacy of Nature, such as have been divinely enriched with healing powers for the mind and body of man”

– Dr. Edward Bach

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Did you know that intense emotions, traumatic experiences, fear, anxiety, bad diet, not enough exercise, loneliness, depression, stress, hormone imbalances, stagnation, unwanted toxic loads and old patterns can affect our physical, emotional and spiritual health?

We all know that modern western medicine can be a necessity at times. Yet I strongly believe that Mother Nature has many gifts to offer, to support us in our healing journeys off all kinds.

If you feel your family could use a physical, emotional and spiritual recharge? 2NoNa can offer you customized treatments.

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If you are ready to recharge your body, mind and spirit, return to a natural state of harmony and purify yourself of negative energy, then book your therapy session now.