“At 2NoNa healing sessions are facilitated by one of the most kind, most gentle, most affluent holistic practitioners specializing in essential oils, flower essences, Reiki, self care and truly potent in the arts of intuition and compassionate healing and understanding. In the past, my use of flower essences was minimal.  I was looking for something more personal heated towards my needs. Now and forever, I have my flower essence formulas made by the one and only Majoes. The formulas are customized to my needs and address my ongoing physiological and emotional balancing.  I recommend visiting the website and setting up a consultation to share your physical, mental and emotional status in order to have your own unique formula made in order to address your own personal needs. I thank Majoes for the support through my growth, evolution and journey towards my optimized well-being and complete harmony.  I feel the results there is no question. Thank you Majoes!  You have a client for LIFE!” L.B.