This scrub was inspired by motherhood and selfcare, just like all the other products in my webshop.

After making this body scrub countless times as gifts for my friends, coworkers and neighbors and as gifts to other awesome women given by my friends and coworkers who passed on the love, I was told to add this as a product to my webshop. And so it happened. 

Not only women have gotten to LOVE it, even their husbands and boyfriends couldn't keep their hands of it. Even my husband loves it.

I'm absolutely exited to hear so many are in love with it and use it for a moment of selfcare only for themselves. This was the prupose of the scrub, loving selfcare for your body, mind and soul! 

Healing sugar and salt for your skin and muscles, soft oils for a radiant healthy skin, healing & sensational aroma explosion from the flowers and essential oils that leaves you with a happy and relaxed mood afterwards, and selflove vibrations from the flower essence and rose quartz. 


I asked my customers to describe this scrub in one word, and these are the words I received back already: Sublime (yes this one was my name inspo for the scrub), Heavenly, Natural, Sugarbaby, Sensual, Indian Summer, Coconutty, Coca Cola (for this customer it smells like coca cola, and he has bought 4 already in a short amount of time), Smooth, Self-love & Citrusbomb. 

Sublime Body Scrub

€ 15,00Price
  • Sublime Body Scrub for now comes in one size, 130ml glass jar (in the future it will be available in two sizes). It is a lovely mix of fine organic cane sugar, epsomsalt, raw organic unrefined coldpressed avocado & coconut oil,  a lovely magical blend of essential oils with citrus, wood, flower and spice notes, dried organic lavender flowers & dried organic rose petals. To top of the magic I added a mix of a Bach Flower Essence and a Rose Quartz chip.

    This combination will leave you soft, warm & fresh and in a happy and relaxed mood. You will not need any lotion after use! The best selfcare you can imagine! FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.                  Before use, first try a small amount on the inside of your wrist. When skin irritation occurs please STOP use right away. Only use for body not the face! Use 1 to max 2 times a week

    Due to all organic natural ingredients, the scrub may have a slight different color of feel from a previous one you bought. This is totally normal. The recipe to it won't change.