Our fifth energy centre is our Throat Chakra. The place for cleansing, purifying and harmonizing all opposites. Located between our collarbones. Connecting with the color blue and is associated with truth, especially speaking the truth in purity. Do you feel heard? Do you feel like you can express anything you want? Do you have stuck emotions? Or are you very judgmental or do you speak a lot of evil? When this Chakra has one or more blockages like mentioned above, it can happen that you have many throat problems. You may experience inflammation of the ears, jaw or mouth. You may also experience problems with the thyroid gland. But you can also find it difficult to speak the truth, to express what is going on inside you or just to say something. Or it might happen that you are actually speaking a lot and appear domineering and sometimes heartless and blunt.


How to use it:

Place 4 drops in a glass of water 3 to 6 times a day and drink this lovely mix. For extra support to a positive change, you can say the affirmations on the affirmation card that matches the chakras like the blends do. This card comes with your purchase.

Bach Flower Chakra Power Throat Chakra

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  • Bach Flower Chakra Power Throat Chakra blend. 1 bottle of 10ml. This blend contains a combination of Bach Flower Essences that maintain the balance around your throat and neck area and will help remove blockages and/or old patterns in your Throat Chakra. These essences are mixed with pure springwater, drops of each selected Flower Essence, a tiny bit of organic brandy as a preservative (you can also choose for apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerine), a clear quartz chipstone to increase high vibrational support and indirect crystal infusion. This last one is different for each Chakra.