“Our Mother Earth has many gifts to offer us, embrace and enjoy all their magic and you will feel the healing process from within.”

The Story

2NoNa was founded by the Dutch National, Cameroonian born, and World Citizen raised Majoes Mutebi-Holtus. Inspired by her children, motherhood, family life and our great loving Mother Earth, it started growing roots in Los Angeles California as “Earthly Gifts” in 2013.

Majoes holds degrees in Occupational/Recreational Therapy, Pedagogy (specifically in early childhood care) and expanded her expertise in Flower Essence Therapy, Aroma Touch, Aromatherapy, Reiki and the effects of traumatic patterns in our pre-, peri- and postnatal time. 

While living in Los Angeles California Majoes discovered the importance of community support for young families, especially for and amongst mothers. Loving Sisterhood and understanding the change of becoming a mother is highly important! Many mothers struggle with hormone imbalances, depression, exhaustion, breastfeeding, physical and emotional trauma, high expectations, struggle between work and motherhood, responsibility, guilt, body changes and more. Dads have their own struggles and questions about work and family matters, fatherhood in general, exhaustion, guilt, bond with child and mother, sleep deprivation, emotional trauma, and more. Not all feel save to openly talk about these issues and share them with their loved ones. Not being understood or able to let out will have a negative effect on the whole family and can jeopardize strong family bonds. 2NoNa is a safe haven where all matters of the family can be discussed without judgement.

Because Majoes went through the same struggles and found support in community, family, sisterhood and mother earth, she made it her passion to support young families in their journey of self-empowerment, healing, balance and wellness with natural healing tools.